Her Teen Sisters Followed Her Husband To A Client Meeting Because They Thought He Was Cheating, But She Did Not Even Hear Them Out And Just Made Them Hop On The First Flight Home

pololia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman has two younger sisters, who are fifteen and seventeen-years-old. And recently, her sisters came to visit her and her husband for what was supposed to be a five-week-long trip.

However, the trip was cut seriously short after her sisters started to get suspicious about her husband’s “work.”

It all began during the first portion of her sisters’ visit when they started to notice that her husband was barely home and always claimed that he was “working.” So, her sisters decided to take it upon themselves and investigate the situation.

One night, while she was at home, her sisters went out and did not tell her exactly where they were going. She had just assumed that her sisters were exploring the area and using Uber to get around.

In hindsight, though, she suspects that her sisters went on one of their devices and found her husband’s calendar– because later that night, when her husband was having a dinner meeting with a female client, her sisters actually showed up.

Apparently, her sisters were tucked away and taking pictures of her husband and the client at the dinner table together. And her husband was not the first one to notice– the client actually was.

“Then, when my husband confronted my sisters, they were very rude to her [the client] and him,” she claims.

Anyway, this whole ordeal seriously pissed off her husband, who claimed that her sisters nearly sabotaged a business deal and totally embarrassed him. So, once her husband got back to the house, he demanded that she send her sisters home.

Her sisters, though, were just begging her to hear them out and let them explain what happened.

pololia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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