She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Made Her Pay For Her Portion Of The Bill

“He’s really making me pay, you guys,” she told the camera.

While some may believe that she didn’t want to pay because she had no money, she debunked that comment in a later video.

She later claims that the reason he made her pay on the date is that she refused to sleep with him.

Not only that, but her date then proceeds to ask her how she is “getting home,” implying that he is no longer going to take her home as well.

Having just about had it with the situation that she was put in, she angrily turns to him and demands, “you’re…taking me home!”

“That’s the sad shame; look at this man,” she says to the camera. “Don’t ever go out with him, don’t give him your number, just…run.”

The debate over who pays for dinner can be clearly seen in the comments section when the video had mixed reactions from other users.

Some sided with the creator, and others decided that the man didn’t do anything wrong in the situation by making her pay.

“How you spend $43 on yourself at Applebees like damn. I woulda made her pay too,” one commenter wrote.

Another agreed saying, “King! Men aren’t obligated to pay for y’all meal !! You ate it. You pay for it!! Unless he offered to pay it first!”

Even still, some think she shouldn’t have paid.

“If a man offers to take you out, that’s all on him,” said one commenter.

“You buy a woman dinner because you want to get to know her; you want to spend time with her and enjoy her company,” another one wrote.

There is a clear disagreement over this issue in dating culture, and it is one that may never reach a definite socially acceptable answer. So, who pays?

You can watch the original video on TikTok here.

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