She Went On A Picnic Date With A Guy Who Wound Up Making Out With His Ex-Wife

“He said ‘let’s move the picnic to this area of the park,’ so I say ‘ok,'” Chelsea said as though she thought it was a bizarre thing to ask. “I help him pick up the blanket and like the wine and all the stuff he brought.”

What’s even weirder is that they didn’t move to a more remote part of the park. Or even a part that had more nature to enjoy. He oddly chooses a spot in what sounds like a small neighborhood.

“We move like in front of a bunch of houses,” she said. “And as he’s talking to me, he’s just staring at one house.”

Chelsea gave a laugh at how bizarre the memory was– and their date proceeds to get even more bizarre than it already was.

“Then this girl comes out of the house after like 20 minutes.”

Though it may seem improbable to the outside viewer, her date didn’t just choose this spot at random, and the girl coming out of the house wasn’t a coincidence.

She came out to address Chelsea’s date, who turned out to be her ex-husband–a minor detail that he neglected to tell Chelsea about.

“She was like, ‘Robert! What are you doing here?'” Chelsea explained.

He had a full motive the entire time for going on this date. He didn’t want any kind of new relationship with Chelsea.

He was using an online date to get in touch with his ex-wife. While he’s supposed to be on a first date with Chelsea, he’s admitting to still being hung up on his old relationship: he even said “I love you” to his ex-wife.

“He said, ‘I love you, and this is the only way to get your attention,” she told her viewers.

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