This Mom Is Calling Out Parents Who Need To Be Nicer To Their Teenagers

Parenting is hard. There’s no doubt about that. But what some parents don’t understand, or don’t remember, is that being a teenager is also hard–and justifiably so.

Especially in recent years, there is a lot more that teenagers have to be worried about in school.

And nowadays, mental health has become less of a stigma and has gained significant amounts of support, particularly for children in the high-pressure environment of school.

TikToker @youcancallmekait has picked up on this and is calling out parents who don’t see this struggle that their child is going through.

Her video, aptly titled “Do better,” shows how parents are sometimes over-the-top when reprimanding their teenagers.

“Some of you are absolutely cruel towards your teenagers,” she said. “I saw a video this morning that just broke my mamma heart.”

She explains how this video depicted a teenager who was struggling in school with her attendance but, when yelled at by her mother for slacking off, opened up about her mental health struggles as the root of the problem.

“As her mom is laying into her over text,” Kait says. “She lets her know like, ‘Mom, I’m struggling. I’m not okay, my mental health is not okay, and I’m doing everything that I can do to try to meet your expectations.'”

TikTok; pictured above is Kait in her video

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