He Just Discovered That His Girlfriend Has Been Tracking His Location Using The AirPods She Bought Him Under The Guise Of A Gift

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A guy is currently in a relationship, and he has never once cheated on his girlfriend, let alone given her any excuse to make her think that he’s been unfaithful.

He can honestly say that he’s been nothing but straightforward throughout his relationship with his girlfriend, but it seems like she’s not believing this.

A week ago, his girlfriend surprised him with AirPod Pros as a present, and he wasn’t sure why she would do this for him.

For one thing, they’re not cheap, and he never asked her to buy headphones for him. Sometimes, they do get one another gifts without a reason, so he thought maybe that was why.

When his girlfriend gifted the AirPods to him, he thought they were brand-new, as the wrapping was still on the box that they came in.

Now that he’s thinking about it, though, his girlfriend had to have unwrapped them and rewrapped them for one interesting reason.

“During the week, I was getting tons of “Your AirPods can be seen by the owner” notifications, and when I went to configure them, I realized her iCloud was connected to them,” he explained.

“She doesn’t use AirPods, so I knew this wasn’t just her passing me an old pair; I have the gut feeling this was intentional to see my location. I haven’t disconnected her account yet, but I will later today to see her reaction.”

“Thing is, I really don’t want to lose this girl because, personally, our relationship has been so good, and I feel as though she’s out of my league, lol, but I can’t justify her doing this.”

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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