Here Are 5 Boundaries You Should Always Be Setting In Any Kind Of Relationship

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People tend to view boundaries as something you set once you’ve slapped a label on the relationship (dating, being “exclusive,” etc.). However, boundaries can be set for any relationship.

Boundaries are lines that help keep you from becoming someone you aren’t – they provide you and those around you a line in the sand of what is and is not acceptable for you.

While it is important to set firm boundaries in all your relationships – friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and total strangers – we cannot ignore that people associate boundaries most often with romantic relationships. Since this is one of the most important relationships you have in your life, that makes sense.

A romantic relationship siphons off a significant amount of time and energy, so it is essential to ensure healthy boundaries. But what should these boundaries look like?

Simply put – the health of your communication will determine the health of your boundaries in the relationship.

Communicating your needs, wants, principles, values, and expectations are necessary to form strong and healthy boundaries. In this same vein, you need to be able to understand the boundaries your partner sets as well. This will keep issues from getting out of hand and becoming a conflict.

What are some healthy boundaries to have in relationships?

So now that you understand the importance of boundaries, what do healthy boundaries look like? Here are some examples of healthy boundaries to have in a relationship.

mashiki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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