How To Tell If Your Partner Is Right For You Long-Term Or Only Right For You Right Now

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I consider myself extremely lucky that I have my wife. In my friend group, I am the only one. The rest of my friends are all single, and based on what they talk about, modern dating is tough.

The dating game is ever-evolving. With going out to meet people, online dating, and the rise of dating apps, new rules are constantly added to date effectively.

Even when you find someone, you have to navigate all the “firsts” and the awkward getting-to-know-each-other phase to see how compatible you are.

With the conveniences of dating apps, it’s easy to call it quits early on and either backslide to the toxic ex or look for someone who might check more boxes.

So how do you figure out if this new beau is suitable for you long-term or just another short-term fling right now? Here are 10 signs that your partner is worth holding on to long-term.

#1: They encourage your ambitions.

It is normal to make adjustments and compromises when dating someone. However, if they actively encourage you to pursue that new job you are eyeing or whatever goal you are chasing, that is a good sign you’ve found someone to be with long-term.

#2: They like you just as you are.

.shock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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