She Lives Without Running Water Or A Bathroom, Even In The Winter, And Here’s What That’s Like

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Even though I have experienced Midwest winters my entire life, I still can’t get used to the freezing temperatures and snow.

It’s my least favorite season. All I want to do in the winter is stay inside as much as possible, wrapped up in a bunch of cozy blankets, or take a long hot, steamy shower.

I can’t imagine not being able to do those things because without them, how else would I get through the winter?

That’s why one woman on TikTok named Hannah (@outdoor.hannah) impresses me to no end because she can forgo those luxuries. She lives in Sweden without a bathroom or running water in the winter.

In her four-part video series, she shows TikTok users how this is possible. For example, in part one, she describes the bathroom situation and what that entails.

So she has an outhouse, which means she has to go outside to do her business, even if there’s a blizzard.

On the day she filmed, it was -15 degrees Celsius, and her ceramic toilet seat was literally frozen. When the bucket is full, its contents go to a composter. Very sustainable!

Part two details how she gets her water. In the summer, she has running water, but in the winter, the pipes freeze.

So her current solution is to grab two big buckets and head out to the well.

Pink Badger – – illustrative purposes only

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