She Used To Work In Retail And A Customer Once Tried Returning A Lottery Ticket Because They Didn’t Win

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Anyone who has ever worked in the customer service sector knows the saying: “The customer is always right.” But there have been so many instances in which that’s just not true.

Some customers make unreasonable demands of the employees that are far beyond their abilities to fulfill.

Yet the customers don’t seem to understand that and are bent on making life harder for these mostly minimum-wage workers.

A TikToker named Charlie (@charlie.smth) has worked in the retail industry for four years, and she’s detailing a wacky conversation she had with a customer who attempted to return a scratched lottery ticket.

In the video, Charlie explains that the customer was not satisfied with the product they had purchased, so of course, they wanted to return it and get their money back.

Usually, this would not be an issue at all because returns happen pretty frequently in the retail industry.

But in this case, the item the customer wanted to give back was not refundable, especially since the product was already used.

Here’s how the exchange went down: The customer walked in requesting a return. Charlie enthusiastically offered to help, but once she saw the item the customer was trying to return, she immediately informed them that this wouldn’t be possible.

“It’s a scratch card, and you’ve scratched it,” said Charlie.

lenscap50 – – illustrative purposes only

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