She’s Convinced Her Ex Lied To Her About Being An FBI Agent

neonshot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes there is nothing more entertaining than a funny story about an ex. For example, we recently came across a TikTok video where a woman explains how she thinks her ex-boyfriend lied about his job while they were in a relationship. But it wasn’t just any job – she believes he lied about being an FBI agent!

“I dated an FBI agent for six months,” says Jenna Jean (@jennajean8) at the start of her video. “Or did I?”

With her laptop open and a slideshow presentation prepared, Jenna walks her viewers through why she thinks her ex-boyfriend lied about being an FBI agent.

For starters, he was eager to tell her about his job title just minutes into their first date. Mind you, they met on Hinge and were total strangers.

Yet whenever Jenna introduced him to friends during their relationship, he would always vaguely tell people that he “worked for the government” or “the federal bureau.” So, he’ll tell a stranger from Hinge what he does for a living, but he won’t tell anyone else he meets?

To make things even more suspicious, Jenna’s ex would never tell her anything about his work day or what he was working on.

He would always tell her, “I can’t answer that,” and avoid the conversation completely. Jenna would ask questions as simple as, “How was your day?” and he would totally shut her down, claiming that he could never talk about his work.

Jenna also discovered that she knew way too little about her ex in general. He had no social media or internet presence – not even a LinkedIn profile!

Whenever she asked him about his friends, he said he’d love for her to meet them, but they were always away on a “special mission.” She’s even convinced that he lied to her about the state he grew up in!

neonshot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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