After A Night Out With His Friends, A Young Woman In A Car Drove Up And Kept Aggressively Insisting He Should Let Her Give Him A Ride To Where He Was Going, And He’s Happy He Declined Because He Doesn’t Think She Had Good Intentions

Aleksandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

So often, we hear stories about young women trying to be tricked into taking rides from strange and sketchy men.

It’s something that most women nowadays are taught to avoid from a young age. However, these kinds of things can happen to men too.

Anyone of any gender can be tricked into trusting someone with bad intentions, and this man’s story is a reminder of that!

He was around 26-years-old, hanging out with some friends at a local bar off one of the main roads in town.

He explains that when you leave for a night out, you can score a great parking spot on a safe side street off the main road or get stuck having to park and walk to a sketchier part of town. 

That night, after leaving his friends, he had to walk for a while to get to his car. He was by himself and bundled up in a sweater and beanie since it was a very chilly night. 

“As I was walking down the sidewalk, a car started slowly creeping down the street, matching my pace as it pulled up beside me,” he remembered.

“The window of the car rolled down, and driving the car was an attractive young woman who said that I looked cold and that I should let her give me a ride to where I was going.”

He told her he wasn’t parked far and kindly declined her offer. However, she didn’t drive away and kept trying to persuade him to get in her car.

Aleksandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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