Her Mom Got Rid Of The Dollhouse Her Grandpa Made For Her, But Then Years Later, She Found It Again And Renovated It

Evgenia Tiplyashina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Many of us have had a beloved toy, stuffed animal, or another special item we were obsessed with as a child. By now, that precious childhood treasure is probably long gone, and nostalgia is making us wish we could get our hands on it once more.

So when TikTok user Bridget Stern (@bridgetstern) found the dollhouse her grandfather built for her mom years ago on Facebook Marketplace, she knew she had to surprise her mom with it.

In the initial viral video, which gained almost three million views, she mentioned that she was shocked to have found it posted online after so many years. And we are too!

Bridget is fixing up the dollhouse and making it brand-new before presenting it to her family. She also gave TikTok a tour of the dollhouse after she cleaned it up a bit.

The dollhouse is larger than the typical dollhouses you might find in the store. It’s white with a brown roof, and Bridget added some accessories to the front of the house, like mini plants and patio furniture.

The front door opens up, leading to a staircase. The sides of the house open up as well, and there, Bridget points out a room on the top level of the house that used to be the kitchen, but she’s turning it into a bathroom.

In the bathroom, she added fake tile flooring and wainscoting on the walls. The next room is the nursery. None of the rooms are furnished quite yet.

Then, Bridget moves to the bottom level, which will be the kitchen. She plans to paint an accent wall and add mini kitchen accessories she found on Etsy.

At the back of the house, there’s a hallway. And lastly, there’s the bedroom and living room. Bridget is keeping the same wallpaper in the bedroom but adding new flooring.

Evgenia Tiplyashina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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