Her Mother-In-Law Lied About Inviting Her Father To Her Engagement Party, And Then Her Father Ruined The Whole Thing

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Sometimes, it’s best not to have parents super involved in the process of planning a wedding. Whether it’s because of personality clashes or other issues, more and more couples are taking their wedding planning into their own hands.

One bride is still reeling over her engagement party, which was ruined by her father, even though she didn’t want to invite him.

“My father has many faults. I am well aware of these and therefore tend to keep our interactions private,” she explained. 

Her father has a bad relationship with alcohol, so she avoids inviting him to anything where alcohol will be present. She even specifically picks restaurants that don’t have liquor licenses whenever they go out to dinner together. 

When her future mother-in-law started talking about having an engagement party for her and her fiancé, she specifically asked her not to invite her dad, telling her all about their complicated and private relationship. 

Her mother-in-law agreed at the moment. However, she still invited her father to the engagement party without permission. 

“I guess she thought she knew better than me,” she said. “She wanted to ‘fix’ our relationship, and the first step was inviting him to her home for a party with alcohol.”

Seeing her father at the party broke her heart. When she asked her mother-in-law why she did it, she reasoned that a “good daughter” would have her father present for the important day. She asked her to tell her father to leave, but she didn’t.

She approached her father and asked him to go, but he swore he would behave. Spoiler alert, he didn’t.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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