How To Tell What Your Attachment Style Is And If It’s Negatively Impacting Your Relationship

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Many different theories help people make sense of how they form attachments and develop relationships. One such theory is Attachment Theory, developed first by psychologist John Bowlby and was expanded in the 1970s by psychologist Mary Ainsworth.

The basis of attachment theory begins in early childhood. The theory states that we learn our attachment styles from our primary caregivers. The more responsive the caregiver is to you as an infant dictates the level of security you develop.

This security allows you to explore the world. Between Bowlby, Ainsworth, and some researchers in the 1980s, four attachment styles were discovered.

While these styles are usually depicted as being based on relationships with your parents, many relationships can alter your attachment style. This can include early relationships with other family members, relationships with siblings, early friendships, and early romantic relationships.

Attachment Style #1: Secure Attachment

This one is the ideal attachment style. If you have a secure attachment style, you’ll notice characteristics such as:

-You feel like you can depend on your partner.

-You can form healthy, long-lasting relationships.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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