On The Night She Disappeared, One Of Her Friends Ran Into Her Walking Around Town Without Shoes On And Then He Asked Her If She Was Being Followed

Facebook - pictured above is Emma

Emma Fillipoff grew up in Perth, Ontario. But, come the fall of 2011, the 26-year-old decided to leave her family behind and move to Victoria, British Columbia.

While starting fresh, Emma landed a seasonal restaurant job at a joint known as Red Fish Blue Fish. Although by October 31, 2012, she ultimately left the restaurant and assured her coworkers she would return the following season.

In November, Emma’s friends and family members believed she would drive her van back to her hometown for a visit. Unfortunately, though, she never arrived in Perth and has remained missing ever since.

There have been few clues or leads in the 26-year-old’s case. But, Emma reportedly acted bizarrely in the time leading up to her disappearance– causing many theories regarding what may have happened to her to circulate throughout the community.

Emma Fillipoff Planned To Travel

While living in Victoria, Emma spoke with friends about all of the places she would like to visit while traveling the world. She discussed going to Japan with her father and visiting Mexico via boat. The 26-year-old also expressed interest in navigating the woods alone, visiting San Juan with a new man, and returning back to Perth to see her family.

The latest travel plans Emma mentioned before vanishing included going to Tofino, British Columbia, or Salt Spring Island.

In the summer of 2012, before her move to Victoria, Emma also bought a 1993 red Mazda VP van. At the time, staff members at a storage facility remembered watching Emma packing the van with her belongings and discussing plans to live in the van while traveling.

The Mazda was not in great shape, though, and the 26-year-old was on a quest to find a cheap mechanic. So, on November 21, 2012, Emma got the van towed to Victoria from Sooke, British Columbia. During that trip, she reportedly told the tow truck driver that she was excited to visit her hometown Perth.

Facebook – pictured above is Emma

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