Say Goodbye To The Conventional Conversation Hearts And Try Out These Heart Jello Shots Instead For Valentine’s Day


Start by mixing the jello in boiling water. Then, pour in a half cup of your favorite alcohol, along with some cold water.

Next, fill the heart-shaped molds with the jello mixture. When making these boozy bites, the most important thing to do is to spray your heart-shaped mold with cooking oil.

If the mold is not greased, you will have a difficult time getting the jello out without ruining its shape. Let the jello chill in the refrigerator for a few hours until it firms up. If you can leave them in the fridge overnight, that’s even better but not necessary.

Finally, remove the jello hearts from the fridge and decorate them with some fancy heart toothpicks.

Guests will be able to quickly grab them and pop them in their mouths without hassle. Imagine trying to grab a slippery piece of jello with your fingers! It’s pretty awkward.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy these cute treats!


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