She Had A Severe Allergic Reaction At Her Cousin’s Wedding Then Had To Go To The Hospital, And Some Of Her Family Members Believe She Stole Attention Away From The Bride

andrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It can be incredibly frustrating for people with allergies to attend a big event where food is served, like a wedding. You would think that if a family member were hosting the wedding, you’d be able to get a solid answer as to what is safe to eat and what isn’t.

That wasn’t the case for a woman who had an allergic reaction at her cousin’s wedding and was later accused of stealing the spotlight. 

She has a peanut allergy and was preparing for her cousin’s wedding a few days ago. Two days before the wedding, she called her cousin, the bride, personally to ask if any of the food that would be served had any peanuts in it.

Although two days may seem last minute to ask such a question, she figured that if anything had peanuts, she simply wouldn’t eat it. She wasn’t expecting her cousin to change her entire menu.

Additionally, there was no way to RSVP and make a note for the wedding hosts about food allergies for this wedding.

Her cousin told her she wasn’t sure about the food but would contact the caterers and get back to her. 

After never hearing back from her cousin, she arrived at the wedding and asked her one last time if she knew anything about peanuts in the food. Her cousin told her none of the food had any peanuts, so she assumed she was safe to eat. 

However, her throat suddenly began to close up as she was eating one of the courses. Thankfully, she had her EpiPen and stabbed it into her thigh.

She was alright, but she headed to the hospital just in case. The chaotic incident caused a lot of unwanted attention to her during the wedding. 

andrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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