She Wasn’t Allowed To Bring Her Son To A Family Wedding That Was Supposedly Child-Free, But After She Saw That Her Nieces Were Invited, She Got Upset And Realized Her Son Was Intentionally Excluded

Artem Zakharov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

No matter how people feel about it, child-free weddings are extremely popular right now. There are several reasons not to have children at a wedding, but their sometimes unpredictable behavior is a big one. 

One woman is upset after she wasn’t allowed to bring her son to a family wedding, but her nieces were able to be in it. 

She and her husband have a nine-year-old son together. Her brother’s younger sister has two daughters, an eight-year-old and a six-year-old. They are famously well-behaved. 

Her two nieces have been taught to raise their hands, not interrupt adults, and clean up after themselves.

Although most people would find this admirable, she finds it cruel and thinks they don’t have the opportunity to act like kids. 

“They even act like that when their parents aren’t around, and I feel sorry for them,” she explained. “They don’t seem to be unhappy, though.”

On the other hand, her son has been known to act up. She admits that he doesn’t behave well in public and is known to have a tantrum or make a mess.

Recently, her husband’s younger brother got married. The wedding invitation specified that it was a child-free wedding.

Therefore, she left her son with a babysitter. Everything seemed fine until she saw her young nieces at the wedding. They were both flower girls. 

Artem Zakharov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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