She Went On A Wonderful First Date With A Guy, Only To Eventually Be Ghosted Before She Could Meet Up With Him Again, Which Definitely Left Her Feeling Confused

Alena Ozerova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Vanishing on someone is now easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. When a 34-year-old  woman from Toronto was ghosted by a guy she thought she really clicked with, the whole experience left her feeling used and confused.

Kate Ross (@kateross44) is sharing her story on TikTok about how she got ghosted and the circumstances leading up to it, even after a wonderful fairytale-like first date.

She met a guy on Hinge, and they agreed to go on a date. For the date, they took a long walk down by the water with Kate’s dog and talked for five hours.

“The connection that we had was absolutely unreal. We were having the best time. He was so easy to talk to, non-judgmental; I was so comfortable around him,” said Kate.

At the end of the date, they discussed the next time they’d be hanging out again. Unfortunately, Kate was leaving for a six-day trip soon, so she would only be available within the next day or two.

And the guy seemed adamant about seeing her again and going to dinner together. So, of course, Kate agreed to the idea. After returning home, he continued to show enthusiasm for their future plans.

But when the time came for their second date, he bailed on her, claiming he was sick. Since they didn’t get to see each other before Kate left, she maintained contact with him while she was away. However, their communication started dwindling.

He stopped being as responsive when Kate texted him. She checked in on him over the next few days to see how he felt since he was apparently severely ill.

And by the time she returned home, he was no longer responding to her text messages. Kate was understandably upset by the dishonesty and lack of respect he had shown her.

Alena Ozerova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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