She’s Facing A Lot Of Backlash After She Cut Off Her Daughter And Refused To Pay For Her College Tuition Or Rent

Myroslava - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Each set of parents has to make their own plan for how long they will financially support their children during and after college. 

One mother is facing backlash from the people in her life after choosing to cut off her daughter when she made a certain life decision. 

For context, she and her husband always supported their 24-year-old Natasha. They set aside a college fund for her that added up to four years worth of college tuition.

However, when it was time for Natasha to go to school, they ended up paying out of pocket and choosing to save the college fund for something else, like Natasha’s future children. 

Once Natasha finished undergrad, she married and moved in with her girlfriend, Miriam, who she and her husband are not too fond of. 

She explained that Miriam doesn’t seem to have much ambition. Although she has a good heart, she doesn’t provide much support to her and Natasha’s household. Miriam works a part-time job and has a condition that she describes as a “burden” on Natasha’s life. 

Natasha got a job as soon as she finished undergrad but eventually decided to go to graduate school. 

“We said okay,” she explained. “We will pay for your grad school as long as you study hard and be responsible.”

However, Natasha has talked about pursuing something else that makes her want to take back the payment offer. 

Myroslava – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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