The “Soldier, Poet, Or King” Quiz Is Going Totally Viral Online, But What Do The Results Really Mean?

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Everyone loves a good personality quiz. You can compare the results with family members, friends, and even your partner to find out your compatibility.

However, you may not have heard of the latest pop culture test that is going totally viral on TikTok.

Known as “Soldier, Poet, or King,” this quiz has inspired countless content creators to take to TikTok and share their results.

The trendy quiz is actually based on a popular Oh Hellos song called– you guessed it– “Soldier, Poet, King.” The tune originally came out in 2015 and featured lyrics that discussed three distinct archetypes.

First, there was the “soldier,” who was said to carry a mighty sword and tear down cities. Next came a “poet,” whose weapon was words and who could “slay you with his tongue.” Finally, there was the “king,” who ultimately came out on top as the ruler.

So, through the quiz offered by Uquiz, hopeful participants answer 20 different questions in hopes of figuring out what archetype, or persona, they truly embody.

Some of the questions ask for participants’ views on concepts such as “duty,” “the throne,” “the sword,” “guilt,” and “rules.” If you take the quiz, you will also be encouraged to reflect on your fears, your impact on your community, how anger feels, your wishes, and the meaning of different quotes.

Now, obviously, you will ultimately be named one of the three archetypes depending on your answers– a soldier, a poet, or a king. But what do these results really mean?

Well, despite the terms being pretty vague, you can probably guess their associations. For instance, any participant who gets the “king” is believed to be someone who is tied to ideas of honor and duty. They may also carry a significant burden of responsibility and power.

ayagaki – – illustrative purposes only

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