This Teen Vogue Writer Dressed Like Bella Hadid For A Week To See If The Style Is “Plus-Size Friendly”

Mariia Korneeva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When thinking of today’s top supermodels, Bella Hadid is quick to come to mind. Bella is all over social media these days, not only because of her modeling work but because of her zany personality and unique style.

Bella has been seen walking the streets wearing looks that young women have started to recreate on their own more and more.

But since Bella has the figure of a stereotypical, thin supermodel, it begs the question, would her style work on a plus-size person?

This is one of the questions fashion writer and TikTok personality Aiyana Ishmael asked when she decided to conduct an experiment where she recreated and walked around in six of Bella Hadid’s iconic street styles for her plus-size figure. 

In recent interviews, Aiyana has explained that she’s always been fascinated with Bella Hadid’s style.

But one of the things that made her look a bit scary was that her thin physique would often make those outfits stand out. 

So for a Teen Vogue story and all of her followers, Aiyana decided to see how Bella’s style would work on her curvy body and wore her outfits for one week. 

In one of her viral TikTok videos documenting the process, Aiyana can be seen walking into work wearing the legendary ultra mini Ugg boots and white booty shorts combo that Bella has been seen wearing on the street. 

Other Bella-inspired outfits Aiyana recreated include her sporty pairing of a sports bra and open button-down blouse with drawstring pants and some New Balance sneakers. There was also Bella’s quirky schoolgirl look that included a cargo skirt, loafers, and knee-high socks. 

Mariia Korneeva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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