He Wore A T-Shirt To Meet His Girlfriend’s Parents For The First Time, And His Girlfriend Is Disappointed He Didn’t At Least Put On A Nice Button Down

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Meeting your partner’s parents is always nerve-wracking when you enter a new relationship. Even if you get lucky and the parents are lovely, being worried about making a good first impression takes a toll.

Do you remember meeting your spouse’s parents for the first time? What did you wear? Did you wear a more fancy look to impress the parents, or were you wearing something more casual?

One man is dealing with an upset girlfriend after he wore a heavy metal band tee shirt to his first dinner with her parents. 

He’s 28 and has been with his 23-year-old girlfriend for a few months. Like many couples, they decided that enough time had passed and were ready to meet each other’s parents. 

His girlfriend’s parents are Indian immigrants and wanted to meet him once they found out their daughter was getting serious about him. 

He was under the impression that the dinner at their house would be casual, so he thought it would be appropriate to wear a t-shirt. Not just any t-shirt, an Iron Maiden t-shirt. 

“I do happen to like the band, but that’s not even why I wore it,” he explained. “That’s just how I dress, and that shirt just happened to be clean that day.”

He thought the dinner with his girlfriend’s parents went smoothly, and they had a nice time. However, his girlfriend was far from pleased with his dinner attire. 

She thought the t-shirt was obnoxious and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t put on a nice button-down shirt. 

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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