If You’re Look For A Way To Instantly Brighten Up Your Home, Check Out Her DIY For An Easter Peeps Centerpiece

TikTok - @ourwintonhome

Are you hosting an Easter celebration this spring? If so, here’s a quick and easy centerpiece you can make to instantly brighten up your table.

And the star of this magnificent table display is Peeps marshmallows!

Peeps are those brightly colored squishy marshmallow bunnies and chicks that were hatched into existence back in 1953.

While Peeps are obviously meant to be consumed by the dozen, their role as a classic Easter treat is not the only reason people love them. The marshmallows also serve as a source of springtime-themed home decor.

Morgan Winton (@ourwintonhome) is showing everyone on TikTok how to spruce up their homes for Easter. It’s time to get your decorating on!

You’ll need two cylindrical glass vases of different sizes–one bigger and one smaller. Place the smaller vase inside the larger one.

When you have inserted the small vase, there should be about an inch of extra space between the two vases.

That space is where the marshmallow bunnies are going to sit. Next, grab three different colors of Peeps marshmallow bunnies–Morgan uses purple, pink, and yellow–and gently tuck them in around the inner vase, creating three rings of Peeps.

Then, fill the vase with water and a bouquet of fresh spring flowers of your choice!

Morgan opts for pink tulips, but you could go for roses, hydrangeas, lilies, carnations, or whatever your favorite blooms are.

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