In 1989, The Son Of A Prominent Hollywood Producer Mysteriously Disappeared After Befriending A Homeless Man: One Month After He Vanished, His Car Was Found Abandoned In Beverly Hills With The Keys Left In The Ignition And His Wallet Inside

City of Beverly Hills - pictured above is Adam

In 1989, Adam Hecht was the son of famous Hollywood producer Harold Hecht. So, after being born in 1965, he grew up in the luxurious Beverly Hills area– surrounded by mansions, movie icons, and money.

Then, upon graduating from Beverly Hills High, Adam opted to work as a tennis instructor.

Those who knew the 24-year-old regarded him as an independent, bright, and friendly man. Although on the morning of January 10, 1989, something changed.

That day, Adam and his brother, Harold, visited a restaurant to grab breakfast. And while arriving, they met a homeless man who was reportedly blind in one eye.

So, just a few minutes after sitting down to eat, Adam apparently got up and headed back outside.

“Adam said, ‘Excuse me.’ Then, he went outside and started talking to this person,” Harold recalled.

“And I could see him through the blinds, and I couldn’t understand it. I was quite surprised. I didn’t understand his reason for being out there.”

Once Adam returned to the dining table, his brother asked him what he and the homeless man had been talking about. But, the 24-year-old claimed it was nothing of importance, and he and Harold continued eating breakfast.

After they left the restaurant and began walking to their car, though, Adam approached the homeless man again.

City of Beverly Hills – pictured above is Adam

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