In 1989, The Son Of A Prominent Hollywood Producer Mysteriously Disappeared After Befriending A Homeless Man: One Month After He Vanished, His Car Was Found Abandoned In Beverly Hills With The Keys Left In The Ignition And His Wallet Inside

“Just before I got in my car, I looked back. He was talking to this person. I was very surprised,” Harold said.

The young homeless man Adam befriended was named Tony. And within just a few weeks, he actually asked Tony to move into his apartment.

According to Harold, his brother did this because he had become disillusioned with his privileged life.

So, Tony ended up moving in with Adam. And soon afterward, the 24-year-old brought his new roommate to his mother, Martine’s, home for dinner one evening.

Upon meeting Tony, Martine was reportedly shocked that her son would become roommates with a homeless man.

“I thought, ‘My goodness, that’s strange.’ But knowing Adam the way he is, I really understood it. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, that’s so nice that he wants to help him,'” she explained.

“When I saw Tony and how he talked, and my God, the smell, it was unbelievable. And wow, it was scary. It was really scary.”

Then, during the meal, Tony apparently started to wave his hands over the food– appearing as though he were blessing it.

In spite of Martine’s shock over her son’s new relationship with the young man, though, she detailed how Adam appeared to really understand Tony.

“And I was led to believe that Tony was really being very kind to Adam as far as helping him grow up as a person and mature. That’s what he said to me– ‘He’s helping me mature as a person,'” Martine revealed.

As Adam and Tony’s friendship continued, the 24-year-old started the frequent homeless regions in Los Angeles. He even began sleeping out on the streets at night, something that his brother, Harold, admitted to not being surprised about.

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