In 2002, She Went Out One Night To Celebrate Her Friend’s Birthday, And Before She Vanished, She Sent Her Friend A Chilling Text

Facebook - pictured above is Lisa

In 2002, Lisa Marie Young was just 21-years-old, a member of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, and had big dreams of pursuing television sports broadcasting.

But, after she attended a friend’s birthday, Lisa vanished from Nanaimo, British Columbia, and has never been seen again.

It all began on June 29, 2002, when the 21-year-old went out to celebrate her friend Dallas’s birthday. Lisa, Dallas, and other friends first traveled to a club that evening.

But, not long afterward, their plans changed. While at the club, a stranger named Christopher introduced himself, joined the friend group’s celebration, and invited everyone to go to a house party instead.

The group obliged, traveling from one house party to the next in Christopher’s maroon Jaguar and staying out until the early Sunday morning hours.

At one point, though, Lisa began to get hungry. And since she was a lifelong vegetarian, there were not many food options at the parties.

This pushed Lisa to call it a night– opting to get food and go home. Christopher then offered to bring her to a nearby sandwich restaurant that was still open.

So, the pair went together in the red Jaguar, which belonged to Christopher’s grandmother– a businesswoman and the wife of a mayor and politician.

By about 4:30 a.m., though, something had gone wrong. At that time, Lisa began sending distressed text messages to her friend, Dallas.

Facebook – pictured above is Lisa

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