It’s Not Too Difficult To Start Your Own Seeds, And Here’s A Guide For How You Can Do This With Success

Eugenia - - illustrative purposes only

Starting seeds is easy enough. Often, you see plenty of budding plants in nature that took to germination with no help from human hands.

But when growing the seeds ourselves, there is still room for error. And too many gardeners learn these lessons the hard way.

TikToker @homegrown_handgathered has some tips to make your life easier and ensure that the growth of your seeds will be a success.

First, pre-moisten your potting soil. The goal is to get it moist, but you don’t want it to be soaking wet. The dirt should be able to clump together in your hands.

Dry potting soil is hydrophobic, which means that it tends to repel water instead of absorbing it. You may notice water pooling at the surface of the soil while staying bone-dry underneath. This does not bode well for your starts.

To start your plants, you can use a tray divided into small compartments from a gardening center. Or you can even use recycled egg cartons! Just make sure to poke in some drainage holes.

Once your seed container is ready and filled with moist soil, go ahead and drop the seeds in. Place two or three seeds at a time in each section.

If you have older seeds, keep in mind that they have a lower germination rate, so they are less likely to sprout than newer ones.

For planting bigger seeds, make sure the holes in the soil are deeper to allow them to be covered completely.

Eugenia – – illustrative purposes only

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