Moms Really Are The Most Incredible Entrepreneurs, Hands Down, And Here’s Why

Time flies when you are a parent. From the moment you wake up to the minute that you rest your head on the pillow at night, you are tending to someone’s needs. And in order to fit everything into your busy schedule, you have to plan.

Moms have this technique down to a science. They are able to cook breakfast, get kids ready, conquer school drop-off, run errands, successfully complete school pick-up, chauffer children to after-school activities, help with homework, cook dinner, do bathtime, and read bedtime stories every single day.

I am already exhausted just from reading that list. Yet, moms manage to get it all done and even squeeze in extra moments for the “little things”– like some one-on-one playtime or an emotional pep talk.

They are the managers who keep the show running– and they are well accustomed to making the most out of limited time.

So, as a business owner, there is no doubt that moms would be efficient and effective– tackling tasks like they’re nothing.

Moms Are Team Leaders

For generations, moms have been placed into the “caretaker role.” And whether you agree with this societal conditioning or not, it doesn’t change the fact that moms are still the best at keeping people in order and lifting others up.

They lead children (and sometimes even their spouses) throughout day-to-day obligations constantly. From ushering kids to school and helping them prep for exams to giving them encouragement during tough moments.

That’s why moms are amazing team managers. They understand both the practical and emotional needs of their team and are able to wear many hats in order to keep households running like well-oiled machines.

Have a last-minute project due tomorrow? Moms put on their “DIY hats,” bust out the poster board and paint pens, and basically turn into Picasso. Forgot about a class party? Moms whip out the cupcake pans and become master bakers in minutes.

Moms are able to prioritize, multi-task, and adapt to ever-changing situations– making them well-suited for business management.

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