She Has A Recipe For St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Pancakes To Make The Holiday Even More Exciting For Kids

TikTok - @hanginwithhaley

St. Patrick’s Day was always fun to celebrate at school as a kid. I remember some of the teachers would really get into the holiday spirit and deck out their classrooms in green, making the day extra special for us elementary-aged children.

After a brief history lesson on the background of the holiday, there was always some sort of shamrock or leprechaun-themed craft.

And upon your arrival at school, the first thing your classmates would do was scour you from head to toe, checking for any green you might have on.

If you were unlucky enough not to be wearing a speck of green that day, then it was a given that some pinches were coming your way. It’s definitely a core memory for me now that I’m an adult.

So start your kid’s morning off right by reminding them to wear green with a St. Paddy-themed pancake breakfast.

TikToker Haley (@hanginwithhaley) has shared a video of herself whipping up the festive pancakes, and they look irresistibly thick and fluffy.

Grab a pancake mix from your pantry and get to cooking! Follow the instructions on the back of the box, but add in green food coloring to the batter.

Stir until the mixture turns into a lovely shade of green. Next, scoop the batter onto a griddle or a hot pan. Scatter some green, gold, and white sprinkles on top of the pancake.

Your pancake will let you know when it is ready to be flipped. Wait until the edges look dry and set and for bubbles to appear on top of the pancake.

Once you have a stack of cooked pancakes, top them with a generous helping of vanilla glaze and more sprinkles.

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