She’s Showing You How To Create A Beautiful DIY Easter Arrangement With A Dough Bowl

TikTok - @hipandhumblestyle

A wooden dough bowl is excellent to use for styling a centerpiece to go with every season. A dough bowl is exactly what it sounds like–a vessel that was once used to mix and knead bread dough.

They date all the way back to colonial times and were treasured kitchen tools passed down through several generations. Now, dough bowls are considered decor since we no longer have to make our own bread.

Many people are fascinated by the bowl’s vintage charm and how it brings an element of nature into the home.

So whether your dough bowl is an antique or the first in the family, it will look classic and charming.

TikToker Deborah Bitton (@hipandhumblestyle) is demonstrating how to make an Easter centerpiece for your dinner table using a dough bowl.

This DIY arrangement is made up of artificial flowers, greenery, and of course, a bunny statuette. Can you really even have Easter decor without bunnies? It just screams springtime.

You could use a real chocolate bunny instead, but you might run the risk of a little one or two taking a bite out of the bunny’s ears or tail!

So to get started, add some floral foam blocks in the middle of the dough bowl. Place one large block in the center and two smaller ones on either side of it.

Next, set the bunny figurine on top of the larger foam block. Nestle two to three clusters of faux leafy branches around the bunny.

Then, add a bird’s nest to the bowl. Stick a few twigs into the foam blocks to give the centerpiece more structure.

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