She’s Showing You How To Make The Coolest Tie-Dyed Eggs For Easter

nanjan - - illustrative purposes only

You’ve heard of tie-dyeing t-shirts. Now, we’re tie-dyeing eggs. Spend the afternoon dyeing Easter eggs with your little ones and make it into a new holiday tradition.

TikTok creator Marisa (@mddesigns16) is introducing a unique method featuring shaving cream to give her Easter eggs a tie-dyed look. You’ll love how they turn out!

This method generates intricate swirling patterns that look complicated but are actually super easy to do.

By the way, these eggs are not edible, so if you want to eat the decorated eggs afterward, use mayonnaise or whipped cream in place of shaving cream.

First, boil a batch of eggs and let them cool. Once they have cooled down, soak them in bowls of vinegar for about twenty minutes. The vinegar will help the color stay on the eggs.

Next, spread a generous amount of shaving cream onto a paper plate–a regular drugstore shaving cream will do.

Add several drops of food dye and run a spoon across the shaving cream, creating swirls and marbled designs.

Marisa uses red and blue dyes to demonstrate. The food dye will stain your hands, so it is recommended to wear gloves for the following part.

Then, slowly roll an egg into the surface of the mixture, covering the egg entirely with shaving cream.

nanjan – – illustrative purposes only

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