Terrariums Are The Next Big Trend In Home Decor, And Here’s Your Guide To Making One For Yourself

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You can’t call yourself a plant enthusiast until you have a terrarium. Terrariums are the next big trend in home decor. They are so simple to put together and look gorgeous in any room.

Rather than having just a potted plant here and there, terrariums combine several different plants in one place and add a creative flair to your plant collection.

Read on to learn how to create your own terrarium and which plants are best for terrariums!

The materials you’ll need are: a glass container, gravel or small pebbles, potting soil, activated charcoal, sheet moss, a few plants, and any decorative items you’d like to showcase in your one-of-a-kind terrarium.

Step 1: Choose a glass container with a wide mouth and an accompanying lid. There are many containers you can find in stores that are geared toward terrariums.

But before buying brand-new, try looking for a suitable transparent container in your home. Maybe you have an empty goldfish bowl or a spare cookie jar. If so, put it to good use!

After cleaning and drying your glass container, fill the bottom with about one to three inches of gravel/rocks, depending on how tall or narrow your terrarium container is. The pebbles allow the water to drain properly, which helps to prevent root rot.

Step 2: Spread a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of the rocks, about 1/4 inch. The primary purpose of the charcoal is to prevent mold growth and keep your plants looking fresh.

Step 3: Add moss over the charcoal, then scoop the potting soil on top. The moss prevents the dirt from mixing with the charcoal. Add at least one to two inches of potting soil. The more, the better!

Anna – – illustrative purposes only

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