128 Years Ago, This Ship Sank In Lake Huron, But Where It Actually Went Down Remained A Mystery Until Recently

In 2017, a team of researchers surveyed a zone of the lake that was previously unmapped. In doing so, they came across the Ohio in the process. Two years later, they finally discovered the Ironton.

NOAA’s Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary plans to develop educational exhibits to tell the tragic story of the shipwreck and connect residents with the history of the region they live in.

They also intend to keep exploring the Great Lakes to potentially dig up even more discoveries and expand humanity’s knowledge of the past.

“Using this cutting-edge technology, we have not only located a pristine shipwreck lost for over a century, we are also learning more about one of our nation’s most important natural resources–the Great Lakes,” said Thunder Bay’s superintendent, Jeff Gray.

“This research will help protect Lake Huron and its rich history.”

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