She’s Showing You How To Get Your Toddler To Stop Crying Over Little Things

Olesia Bilkei - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Does your child seem to cry over almost everything? Tears and tantrums are ever-present in your household, and they’re usually caused by stuff like a sandwich that’s cut the wrong way or a missing stuffed animal.

TikToker Gigi ( is an advocate for positive parenting, and she’s demonstrating a gentler approach to how to get your toddler to stop crying over the little things.

In the viral video, which has accumulated nearly four million views, Gigi’s daughter Peace is shown wailing about a pair of binoculars too heavy to carry by herself.

Instead of showing exasperation and telling her child to just shake it off, Gigi physically got down on Peace’s level.

Then, she adopted a mild tone and asked Peace what was wrong while offering up some solutions to the problem.

Gigi suggested that she and Peace could carry the binoculars together. At the end of the clip, Peace had calmed down and walked off, holding the binoculars in both hands with her mother’s assistance.

As much as parents hate to see their kids in distress, it’s impossible to “fix” their child’s feelings. It’s completely normal for young children to cry when they feel sad because they do not yet have the vocabulary to express their feelings through words.

When a child is crying, the first course of action that comes naturally to many parents is to stop the flow of tears.

But rather than concentrate on stopping your child from crying, Gigi recommends focusing your attention on connecting with your kid. Here’s her four-step approach you can use to handle these types of situations:

Olesia Bilkei – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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