A New TikTok Trend Has Been Taking The Typical Hot Girl Walks To A New Level With An Alluring Twist: Wine Walks

lithian - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Going for walks is nothing new. It’s a simple form of exercise that gets you to move your body, and it is beneficial for your mental health.

But during the era of lockdown, when everyone was trapped inside their homes, going for walks took on a whole new meaning. Enter “hot girl walks.” They became a fitness sensation on TikTok.

Hot girl walks allowed people to connect with the outdoors and clear their heads. And since nobody was really going to places, the hot girl walks provided opportunities for girls to put their cute outfits to use and get out of their usual uniform of sweatpants and oversized tees.

The name just makes the sometimes mundane activity seem more fun and exciting, which in turn, encourages people to peel themselves off their couches and get some fresh air and exercise.

Recently, a new TikTok trend has been taking typical hot girl walks to the next level with an alluring twist: wine walks.

A wine walk is exactly what it sounds like. Those who are of legal drinking age are pouring their favorite wine into reusable water bottles and bringing them along to sip on during their leisurely evening strolls.

TikToker Kenzie (@queeenkenzzzz) shared a ten-second video of herself and a friend dumping bottles of wine into their Stanley cups. The video went viral, amassing over seven million views.

In the text overlay of the video, she wrote, “Just some girls on a wine walk.” Then, the clip transitioned to a shot of her and her friend walking a dog and clinking their water bottles together.

The vast majority of TikTok users loved the idea of a wine walk, and some even provided a little reminder to be mindful of community expectations when consuming alcohol in public.

lithian – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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