A New TikTok Trend Has Been Taking The Typical Hot Girl Walks To A New Level With An Alluring Twist: Wine Walks

“Now this is my type of way to use a Stanley cup ’cause the WaterTok wasn’t sittin’ with me,” commented one user.

“This is fun and all, but still remember, younger people see these videos and need to know public intoxication is not legal,” pointed out another.

“I use fireball for my walks,” shared a third.

Make the most of your wine walk by choosing a drink that is light and refreshing. That beverage does not have to be wine, either. Iced tea, lemonade, and mocktails are all delightful ways to jazz up your walk.


if you havent wine walked, you should #coastalcarolina #ccu

? Just A Girl – No Doubt

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