He Got Into Trouble With His Vegetarian Sister And Brother-In-Law For Feeding His Nieces Dishes Containing Meat

Jose Calsina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s not necessarily uncommon for people who were raised by vegetarians to break the lifestyle as they get older. Some people who were raised vegetarian might grow up to be meat eaters. 

One man recently got into trouble with his vegetarian sister and brother-in-law after feeding his two nieces meat dishes while they stayed at his house. 

He and his wife eat meat in their diets, while his sister Kylie and her husband are vegetarians. They have two daughters; one is 10, and the other is 13. 

His two nieces recently came to stay with him and his wife while his sister and her husband went out of town for a business trip.

Before their stay, his sister packed her daughters pre-made vegetarian meals and snacks to avoid inconveniencing him and his wife. 

One night during his stay, his wife was craving some stuffed chicken breasts with mushrooms and spinach.

So, he made it and also prepared some soup for his nieces. During dinner that night, the oldest asked if she could try some chicken. 

She revealed to him that she had been trying other kids’ lunches with meat in them at school, like Lunchables and deli meat sandwiches, without her parents knowing. 

“Ultimately, I cut a chicken breast in half and let her try it,” he said. “It’s just chicken, after all, not crack. Then the youngest wanted to try it. They liked it and ate it with their soup.”

Jose Calsina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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