Her Friend Called Her Out For Trying To Look Good At Prom And Claimed She Was Going To Tempt Her Friend’s Boyfriend

She was not wearing any “cheap” jewelry, though, and informed her friend that the pearl necklace was actually authentic. In fact, it had been gifted to her by her dad, and she only ever wore it on special occasions.

At that point, her friend was likely caught off guard– because her friend started stumbling over words and trying to defend herself. Eventually, her friend even tried to claim that “wasn’t what they meant” and actually accused her of being crazy!

Shortly after her friend made that comment, she was done talking and decided to hang up the FaceTime call.

“But not before she made some snarky comment about how I would look so good that she and our friends would have to beat their dates off of me,” she recalled.

She found that remark pretty bizarre, too, and wound up just awkwardly laughing it off. Her friend wasn’t laughing, though.

Anyway, the following day, she went to school as usual. And when she arrived on campus, she decided to visit her friend’s car. That way, they could chill inside and finish up their makeup before going to class.

After the girls chatted for a little while, though, her friend brought up prom again. Then, her friend reportedly did the “hey girlie, no offense…” thing and totally insulted her.

More specifically, her friend claimed that it was really rude and trashy of her to show up to prom looking so good when she knew that all of the other girls in their friend group were bringing dates.

“And how I obviously wasn’t bringing a date so I could get with their boyfriends,” she added. Yikes!

She was seriously shocked by that, too, and legitimately gasped before starting to cry. Afterward, she proceeded to ask why her friend ever thought she would do such a thing.

Now, for context, her friend’s boyfriend has apparently cheated before. And even though everyone told her friend to just dump the guy, the pair stayed together.

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