In 2010, He Decided To Take A Road Trip To Yellowstone National Park And Vanished: His Abandoned Car Was Later Found With The Keys Left In The Ignition

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In 2010, 48-year-old Stuart Isaac– originally from the Republic of Palau– was living with his family in Burtonsville, Maryland. And even though he was not typically an outdoorsman, Stuart decided to step outside of his comfort zone in the fall of that year.

On September 6, he packed a bag, left behind a note for his family, and drove his 2009 black Lexus Sedan to Yellowstone National Park for a road trip– despite having no experience camping or hiking.

Approximately 32 hours after he began the trip, Stuart arrived at Yellowstone National Park on September 7.

It is presumed that he had camped for the following couple of weeks. And then, two weeks after his arrival, Stuart called an old high school friend, Matsue Evans, on September 24.

Matsue lived in Guam, though, so the pair usually communicated over text or email. In turn, the call was uncharacteristic– especially due to the time difference. It was 3:30 a.m. for Stuart when he placed the call, and it lasted for over two hours.

Two days after this conversation, on September 26, Stuart then parked his Lexus at Craig Pass– located about eight miles from Old Faithful Geyser Yellowstone National Grand Loop Road in Wyoming.

Later that evening, the 48-year-old was subsequently discovered to be missing after night patrol conducted routine rounds in the Craig Pass area.

Stuart’s car was found abandoned, unlocked, and with the keys still in the ignition. However, authorities found no other clues as to Stuart’s whereabouts.

Craig Pass has an elevation of about 8,626 feet and also has a mountain pass which is located near Continental Drive. However, there were actually no hiking trails located in this area.

Alexander – – illustrative purposes only

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