She Changed Her Country Wedding To A Destination Wedding, And Now Her Sister Is Mad That She Didn’t Get A Second Invitation

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It’s the worst when people don’t agree to do something unless it benefits them somehow.

One woman recently had to deal with that behavior from her sister, who first said she wouldn’t attend her wedding but then changed her mind once she found out it would be held in Hawaii. 

She and her fiancé originally had plans to host a large wedding out in the country this summer. However, not too many people seemed thrilled with the venue location, so only 14 people ended up saying they would attend. 

Her sister even said she wouldn’t attend the wedding for a few reasons. The first being that she and her husband own a landscaping business and are too busy working over the summer. She also said that the trip to the wedding venue would take her and her family three hours, which was too long for her kids. 

However, her brother and his family agreed to go, so at least one sibling would be there on her special day.

When they realized how small the wedding would be, she and her fiancé decided to change their minds about the location and make it a super memorable experience for themselves and their 14 guests. 

They contacted the 14 people and asked if they wouldn’t mind taking a few extra days off work so they could have their wedding in Hawaii. They’ll also be paying for every guest’s trip expenses. 

“Everyone said yes, so we started booking tickets and suites at this nice resort,” she explained. “We also planned some fun things to do while we’re there. Everyone is very excited for the trip.”

Then, she heard from her sister, who was very upset that she didn’t get a new invite to the wedding after the location was changed. So now, her sister wants to go.

EpicStockMedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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