She Posted A Video Showing The Difference Between Her Full-Time Coworkers At Parties And Her Part-Time Coworkers

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Did you ever work a part-time job in high school or college? Maybe it was at a fast food restaurant or a department store at the mall.

Positions at these jobs aren’t exactly known for their high pay, but you can end up meeting a lot of cool people along the way.

And even though it’s work, many people report having a fun time at their fast food or retail job all because of their coworkers.

Of course, there are some periods when it gets stressful and busy, but overall the work environment can be pretty relaxed.

If you have made the transition from a part-time job to a full-time career, you may have noticed that the attitude of employees seems to have shifted greatly.

TikTok creator Kiaya Hamrick (@kiayahamrick) experienced this change herself after switching from her part-time minimum wage job to working full-time in the field of dentistry. She found that her current position was a lot less lively than her previous one.

In a video that has received 4.5 million views and counting, she shows the contrast between her full-time coworkers’ behavior during an outing and her part-time coworkers’ behavior.

First, Kiaya presents a clip of her full-time coworkers out at a restaurant together. Everyone at the table was quiet and didn’t seem to be conversing with each other very much. In fact, several of the women there were frowning.

Then, the video shows footage of Kiaya’s part-time minimum-wage coworkers having a blast at a party. Everyone was chatting together, and people were even dancing in the middle of the room.

dusanpetkovic1 – – illustrative purposes only

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