She’s Feeling Distraught Over How Her Daughter Was Cruelly Treated By Her Teacher Recently

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Did you ever have a teacher during your childhood years that said something to make you feel bad? So many teachers out there are hardworking, lovely, and kind, but some are not great at their job. 

One woman is distraught over what her young daughter told her about what was supposed to be a special day at school that her mean teacher eventually ruined. 

Her daughter is in the first grade and loves to read. Luckily, her school awards great readers and hosts “read-a-thons,” where if a child reads for a certain amount of time, they get a prize.

Her daughter logged enough minutes of reading to earn five prizes. One of the prizes she chose was a “movie day” at school. During movie day, kids who won the prize go to a separate classroom in the middle of the school day and watch a movie.

When movie day came along, her daughter unexpectedly came home from school very upset. She told her that she had gotten in trouble at school. 

During movie day, her daughter realized that she wasn’t a big fan of the movie that was playing. So, she asked the teacher supervising the movie if she could return to class. The supervising teacher was very nice and told her, of course, she could. 

But when she returned to her classroom, her first-grade teacher was less than pleased. 

“Her teacher was livid,” she explained.

“She said she was ‘rude’ for wanting to leave the movie and was ‘off limits’ for the rest of the day.”

insta_photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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