She’s Not Sure What To Do After Her Roommate Asked Her Not To Keep Certain Foods In Their House That Her Boyfriend Is Allergic To

cherryandbees - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you live with someone who has food allergies, you often have to make sacrifices and not eat or keep certain foods in the house. But what if it isn’t your roommate who has food allergies but your roommate’s partner? Should you not keep certain foods in the house for them?

One woman is unsure what to do after her roommate asked not to keep foods in their house that her boyfriend is allergic to. 

She’s 24-years-old and has lived with Layla, her 25-year-old roommate, for almost a year. They signed a two-year lease, so they’ll have one more year of living together, 

Layla has a boyfriend named Kyle, whom she’s been dating for six months, and she often brings him to the apartment. 

Unfortunately, Kyle has severe food allergies and is allergic to shellfish, nuts, and soy. If he comes into contact with them, he could go into 

“I use nuts and soy a lot in my cooking and some occasional shrimp,” she said.

“At first, Layla would tell me that Kyle was coming over, and I would just adjust whatever I was planning on making.”

She didn’t mind changing her cooking plans whenever Kyle came to their apartment, and he never had any sort of reaction at their place. 

Despite that, Layla recently went to her and asked if they could stop keeping foods with nuts, soy, or shellfish in the apartment completely, even if she’s not cooking or eating them while Kyle’s over.

cherryandbees – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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