She’s Refusing To Help Her Brother In School Anymore Because He And Her Mom Keep Taking Advantage Of Her And Forcing Her To Do His Work

olgavolodina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 16-year-old woman and her twin brother recently started high school. And for their first year, they both decided to choose philosophy as one of their majors.

While she genuinely enjoys learning about the subject, though, she claimed that her brother only chose philosophy because he could not find a better option.

That’s why she immediately fell in love with her major from the beginning– and her grades reflected her passion. In fact, she has the highest grades in her class. And in general, she tends to be a straight-A student.

But, she claimed that her brother could not be more different. Apparently, he never pays attention in class and just chats with his friends throughout the lessons.

That’s why he constantly needs her help in school. Honestly, though, she is sick and tired of lending him a helping hand.

This pattern all began with their first project in philosophy– which she obviously completed by herself; meanwhile, her brother got help from their mom.

She wound up doing a stellar job on her project, too, because she earned a 100. Her brother, on the other hand, walked away with an 85.

Rather than accrediting that grade to her brother’s lack of attention or studying, though, her mom kind of blamed his bad grade on her.

“My mom literally said that it’s because the teacher likes me more,” she recalled.

olgavolodina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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