She’s Talking About The Time That She Was Mistakenly Sent To The Psychiatric Ward

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20-year-old Tori Ostrom (@toriostrom27) is on TikTok sharing the story of how she was mistakenly sent to a psychiatric ward.

She wanted to consult a healthcare provider about a medication change, but that small request led to her spending five days in an inpatient facility without any answers about why she was there. Here’s how it happened.

So Tori takes a medication called Seroquel, which helps her sleep at night. But recently, she wanted to begin weaning herself off the drug, so she had the dosage lowered from 50 milligrams to 25.

For three nights after that, she had trouble sleeping, so her therapist contacted her psychiatrist to increase the dosage again.

While at the gym, Tori’s psychiatrist called her and agreed to increase the dosage; however, the psychiatrist was unable to make an appointment with Tori until the end of the month.

So the psychiatrist recommended Tori go to the emergency room to see a psychiatrist right away and have her prescription changed.

And that’s exactly what Tori did. That Friday, she headed to the ER and told them what she was there for: a simple change to her medication.

But she ended up waiting in a room where a security guard and a nurse then showed up at her door, telling Tori they were going to move her. They moved her to “yellow,” which was the psychiatric unit at that hospital.

When she reached the psych unit, she was greeted by a man attempting to escape and threatening to harm her.

VisualProduction – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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