This Teen Started Experiencing Panic Attacks For The First Time, And She’s Convinced They’ve Been Brought On By One Of Her Teachers

Pavel Losevsky - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

So many teachers in the world are wonderful at what they do and don’t get enough credit for all their hard work. But almost everyone has had at least one teacher that was mean and scary. 

One 16-year-old girl started experiencing panic attacks for the first time, and she’s convinced they’ve been brought on by one of her teachers.

She is in the 11th grade at an Australian high school. She recently switched schools to attend one that would offer her the classes she wanted, including drama and dance classes. 

When she first arrived, her teachers were very understanding that she was adjusting to a new school, so they were all kind and patient with her. 

However, after recently fracturing her ankle, one of her teachers has been treating her terribly. 

It’s a teacher from one of her ‘practical’ courses, which requires movement. When she walked into class wearing a medical boot with a note excusing her from participating for 2-3 weeks, her teacher was understanding.

Those weeks eventually ended, but she was still in pain. Instead of being sympathetic, her teacher was furious. 

She got another medical excuse note valid for two more weeks. When she reached the end of that period, she was still in too much pain to participate fully in class, and her teacher started saying mean things to her.

Her teacher would threaten to fail her, tell her she wasn’t worth teaching, and that she’d have to restart her entire class assessment. 

Pavel Losevsky – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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