A Year After Madeleine McCann Went Missing, She Thinks She Was Almost Kidnapped As A Child While On A Family Vacation In Portugal

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For the most part, staying in a hotel or a resort on vacation is super fun and relaxing. However, for many of us, there’s still a little bit of fear that something could go wrong during our stay. 

One young woman remembers her hotel room in Portugal getting robbed when she was a little girl, and it’s a very creepy story. 

When she was five, she and her family went on vacation in Portugal and stayed in a villa. The villa was isolated and not very close to any nearby towns. Her family stayed in the villa most of the time and had a quiet holiday together. 

“Not sure why my parents thought this was a good idea considering what happened to Madeleine McCann just a year before,” she explained. “Either way, we were staying in a villa, not near any towns or cities, and would hardly go out.”

Since she was a little kid, she remembered always going to bed earlier than her parents and typically waking up to the sounds of them cooking in the kitchen.

She’d always crawl out of bed when she heard their noises to join them.

“One thing about their nighttime routine, which I do remember, however, is that they would always go to sleep before the sun was completely gone down,” she said.

One night, she was woken up out of her sleep by something other than her parents.

She woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of something being smashed in the living room. In a sleepy haze, she got out of bed, thinking it was the sound of her parents, until a bad feeling hit her stomach.

TTstudio-, illustrative purposes only

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