Are Second Chances Realistic? Here’s How To Know If You Should Let Go Of Your Partner After They Cheat

But I won’t lie to you: reflecting to determine the future of your relationship will not be a walk in the park.

Rather, you will be forced to ask yourself a few key questions: the first being, could you ever come to trust your partner again?

Let’s face it: a relationship without trust is not a partnership at all. And after your boyfriend or girlfriend has an affair, it may seem rich to think you’d be able to immediately trust them again.

So, don’t worry– that’s not what I am asking. Instead, I am urging you to consider the little things that inevitably pop up in all relationships.

For instance, if your partner texts that they have to work late one evening, will alarm bells start ringing in your mind? Or if their phone “dings” with a new text message, you will feel the urge to check their screen?

My point is that, over time, you and your partner will have to spend time apart and lead individual lives. In those instances, will you be able to feel content and secure in your relationship? Or will you feel wary, insecure, nervous, or angry?

If you believe the latter is more realistic, then it may be time to let go of your partner. Without trust, your mental health will be relentlessly impacted, and your heart will be in survival mode. This is not worth it, whether the concerns are unfounded or not.

Another key question to consider when figuring out the future of your relationship is whether or not you will ever be able to forgive your partner.

Now, forgiveness is a heavy act to carry out. It is never straightforward but involves many moving parts.

First of all, you must be able to accept the fact that people make mistakes. And in that same breath, you may have to forgive secrecy, lies, emotional unavailability, and more.

Afterward, you may also have to forgive yourself. You may be carrying your own weight on your shoulders, feeling foolish for missing the signs, or believing that you pushed your partner to cheat.

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