He Asked A Woman Out On A First Date And He Feels Weirded Out That She Only Wants To Grab Coffee For 1 Hour

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A 35-year-old guy is going on a first-time coffee date with a 33-year-old woman. The date is only for about an hour because she has some other things scheduled around the date.

The two met through a girl they both know and started texting each. She was on a family vacation, and they decided that a coffee date would be the perfect first meet-up the week after she got back.

The day of their coffee date, he texted to confirm with her to make sure she was still okay to meet up later that day.

“She said she’s definitely still down to meet after work but said she has to meet a friend for dinner at 8, and she wants to work out after work, so she said she could meet me at 7,” he explained.

He was a little concerned about the 1-hour window. First dates are supposed to be about getting to really know someone, but how can you do that in 1 hour?

He’s been on a couple of first dates, and they’ve always left the date length open in case there was a connection.

“It’s starting to feel like she’s just squeezing me in between her other stuff this evening, although she agreed to meet me this evening a week before. And even her texts are super far apart like I would get maybe one text in the morning and a reply in the evening,” he said.

He wants to give her the benefit of the doubt, but he’s not too happy feeling like she’s squeezing him in between her other stuff.

“It’s just feeling like she doesn’t really want to meet up if we agreed to this a week before, and she told her friend she’d meet her for dinner on the same evening,” he continued.

Comeback Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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